The return of Bush v. Gore

Joseph R. Biden Jr. is now president-elect of the United States. Notwithstanding the many emotions that accompany this hard-fought revelation, the current occupant of the White House nevertheless (rather predictably) broke with the tradition of a concession speech, and instead signaled his intent to double down on his meritless claims of fraud in state and federal courts.

It is clear that President Trump’s legal arguments of fraud are not supported by facts; it is safe to speculate that his convictions in these claims predicate partly on the political need to sensationalize and inflame public passion as support, and partly on…

If you take me as anything remotely close to a fan of contemporary Chinese popular culture, you would be gravely mistaken. You will find that I concede to our protagonist today on many matters, including the ever-growing materialism and our society’s newfound obsession with vanity and a generational nonchalance to existing social mores. …

Tianyi Xu

Bowdoin College ’23. I write.

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